Beware Domain Renewal Scams

Have you ever received a letter in the mail saying that your domain name is due for renewal? Did it look like this?


The letter lists all of the domain names you own and looks like something sent directly from the Canadian Government or CIRA. If it’s a scam – how does it work?
First, they find your information on websites like – these url lookup directories provide all of the information available on the domain registrant, including names, telephone numbers and addresses. Click here to see an example listing.
Next, they send out a very official looking request for renewal. If you reply to the letter with your credit card information, they can take control of your domain and attempt to ransom is back to you at a highly inflated rate, or simply direct it to a new site and destroy your credibility. They will also have enough of your financial information to make online transactions.
How can you prevent these types of scams from affecting you?

  • Hide your pertinent information from the lookup directories
  • Make sure that your domain is locked
  • Consult with your F3 web technology management team on any renewal requests you receive