BMAK-HRM is a web enabled Human Resource Management Systemthat is hosted and supported by BMAK. It is a well-designed application that manages every aspect of an HR department in an organization.
It has many features that unravels the HR time required to perform the numerous functions required by an HR department.

BMAK-HRM is user friendly and has a powerful backend engine to assist HR managers put processes in place with work flow controls such as informing an employee that his appraisal is ready for his completion and then passing it to his manager who is informed that the staff member appraisal is completed. All the while HR is being informed of each phase.

The software also can manage all types of Leave. Whether maternity, sick, vacation or any other type of leave. You can see what was allotted for each type and what has been used.
Employees apply for leave online and it is approved or rejected by the manager. Again, HR is notified of the request so as to follow up with the manger.

Why use BMAK-HRM

BMAK-HRM is built with many features and captures every aspect of HR data that is required to keep control of your organization.
The Asset management helps you track your equipment etc and assign it to an employee.
With BMAK-HRM your organization is at your finger tips.


Performance Management with Appraisals Leave Management
HR Management Employee Self Service
Background Checks Disciplinary Management
Analytics Talent Requisition/Acquisition
Document Management Interview Scheduling
Expenses Asset Management
Time Management Feed Forward
Service Requests