Welcome to BMAK Professional Development Courses & Seminars

An organization or a country can only progress thru education and knowledge. For a country to advance, it needs an educated population. The work force needs to be knowledgeable; the same for an organization. For a company to achieve its goals and objectives which will always be sustainable growth, it needs an educated and knowledgeable staff. One of BMAK’s goals is to educate and to this end we offer to the Public and Corporations a number of our courses and seminars which are geared towards knowledge and education.

Why choose BMAK Courses

‘BMAK is an International company with a global reach. Our instructor led courses can be delivered onsite, in any country as well as via our eLearning/online courses. Our course materials are of the highest quality & filled with trending and accurate information.’

Our presenters/lecturers are industry based with a passion for dispensing knowledge in their field of profession.


Our eLearning is geared towards the individual who falls into the category above or an organization who needs to get their staff up to speed but can’t afford to have staff out of office for a whole day or even 2-3 days to do a course.

‘What makes our eLearning/online courses unique is that we don’t just leave you to figure things out yourself; we schedule sessions with an instructor to answer any questions you may have on things that were not clear to you.’

Many of our class room based courses are also available as eLearning courses. Contact us for more information.