F3 is a subsidiary company of BMAK.

F3 Webover – Insightful Transformation

Let us transform your existing Website.
After we perform updates to your website, it will be:
  1. Authoritative
    By immediately providing stakeholders with all current and relevant information, and by utilizing the most current Internet standards and capabilities over the life of the system, you will demonstrate your leadership to the community.
  2. Intuitive
    All information in the system is organized so that it is easy to find either through multiple navigation options or effective search.
  3. Flexible
    The system is easily and quickly adaptable to changing user needs. Based on the principle of collaborative development, user input can be proactively solicited and incorporated in an on-going basis.
How do we achieve this ?
InSiteFull Analysis This initial process involves gathering information from both the existing site and the internal team members on the direction and vision they see for the site. This phase includes a Discovery Session and may also include individual evaluations; team member surveys, and other efforts to establish clearly defined site objectives. A Flowchart working file for feedback and Creative Brief on design parameters and technical recommendations will be created.
InSiteFull Needs Overview From the initial feedback an InSiteFull Needs Overview will be provided including how the needs identified will be handled with the technology and design and the provision of a Final Design Flowchart and Site Information Architecture.
InSiteFull Build & DesignStage 1 From the approved Site Information Architecture development will begin with the arrangement of the initial infrastructure for the CMS. The design will be presented through up to 3 rounds – 2-3 concepts for edit and approval, and 2 rounds of iterations for feedback prior to design sign-off.
InSiteFull Build & DesignStage 2 During this stage the .jpeg version of the design will be translated to HTML/CSS and presented for final sign-off.   Infrastructure development of the CMS will continue.
InSiteFull Build & DesignStage 3 With the final design approved and formatted, it will be applied to the CMS and all architectural development will be completed.   On-site administrators will receive training and support and legacy content will be transferred to the new application.
InSiteFull Beta The site will be available on our data centre for pre-launch final approval.
InSiteFull Transformation Once everything has been approved, the site will be ready for Live Launch.