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Internet Marketing

What did you think you were buying when you purchased your website?
  • A place to list your address and hours?
  • A place someone could go to find your phone number?
  • A place to show the products or services you had for sale?
  • A place for people to fill out a contact form?
  • Did you have any idea that you were buying the most effective marketing platform ever created?

Think Marketing

The last time you thought about marketing your business, you probably thought about taking out an ad in the local newspaper, buying some radio time, or maybe even a TV spot. These three marketing vehicles have one thing in common:
They blast your message out to the masses, leaving you to hope that you reached someone who wanted to hear your message right then and right there.
What if we could turn that upside-down? What if we could determine who your ideal customer would be and then market directly to that person? This is the power of inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing

Internet search technology has spawned a critical change in consumer behavior: We now search for exactly what we want.
The goal of inbound marketing is to make sure that the potential customer that is searching for your product or service not only finds it, but recognizes you as the best resource to get it.
How? As your internet marketing team, we will craft a strategy that combines superior content and page copy with all of the latest vehicles the web makes available to deliver that content straight to your potential customers:

  • Blog Posts
  • E-books
  • Social Networks and Sharing
  • Webinars and Podcasts
  • Whitepapers
  • and more!

When combined, these various components come together like parts of an engine to create a well-oiled marketing machine. The net effect is a website that inspires visitors to become customers and readers to become unknowing marketers because they’ll be sharing your content with their friends and networks.

Search Engine Optimization

Help Me Reach More Customers
I Now Understand The Value Of SEO!

Most business owners have heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Many business owners that are not taking high search engine rankings seriously in there marketing strategies. Well we are here to inform you that marketing has changed and if you are not striving to achieve top rankings for not just your website, but videos, press releases and other online content that will establish leads and build authority then you will lose business.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!

We all know content rules online, but without the subtle optimizations required to increase visibility of the content, you are just talking to yourself. In today’s online world Google has made it very clear that it wants authority sites ranking on the first page. You can no longer “Muscle” your way to the top. Our SEO experts will work with you to create engaging and well optimized content for your online assets that will increase authority, which in turn will increase rankings, which finally will increase the conversions. Which after all is the ultimate goal of any SEO campaign.