F3 is a subsidiary company of BMAK.


One of the growth strategies for BMAK is to acquire companies who can add value to its services and expand its vision and mission. F3 fell into that category and was purchased in August 2014.

F3 eBusiness, Inc. is a professional services firm that specializes in helping companies capture, secure, and communicate core intellectual property assets and create engaged and loyal mobile communities.  Founded in November 2002, F3 eBusiness Inc. has become Canada’s leading Joomla! Content Management System developer and has developed over 650 customized I.T. infrastructure, CMS, CRM, web mastering, eLearning, and mobile application solutions for enterprise clients including Research In Motion Limited, Scotia-McLeod and Canada Health Infoway – Inforoute Santé du Canada. Using our proven process, F3 eBusiness produces world-class Internet, Intranet and mobile portals.

Our philosophy takes advantage of leading edge technologies, utilizing a collaboration of thousands of developers worldwide striving to continuously push digital technology into the next generation – something which is a proven advantage to all involved in the development of any online strategy.

Our team has the tangible, real-world experience required to link your organization’s overall goals with the appropriate technology solution and utilizes a proven methodology to capture and present information in terms that speak to those goals.