Why Choose Open Source

Open Source enterprise software applications provide the latest in innovation, quality, security and return on investment available today and have been embraced by more then 85% of today’s leading fortune 1000 organizations. The main reasons for the wide acceptance of open source applications are capability, cost and control.
The capability of open source is unmatched by any commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications. Because the open source application provides the incredible value that results when a collaboration of users have the liberty to understand, discuss, repair, share and modify the technology, continuous and practical improvements are made. Without licensing restrictions, the capabilities of the application increase and features and extensions become realistic possibilities throughout the life cycle of the application. Utilizing the open source community and philosophy enables the practical and economical creation of leading edge, world-class web portals.
The cost savings associated with open source applications stem directly from the capabilities gained and can be measured in both time and currency in several areas, including software/licensing fees, version upgrades, hardware costs, security risks and technical staff. These areas represent a significant savings in budgetary resources and eliminate administration and management time, creating a much higher and immediate return on investment for your application.
Finally, and most importantly, the implementation of an open source enterprise application provides a level of control that creates stability to the internal processes and methodologies used to define, design, construct and validate the application that is impossible with proprietary software solutions. Instead of conforming to static engineering and management requirements inherent to the application, an open source application is created to work seamlessly within the structure of the current and future use strategies and processes of your organization. Ownership of the application lies with your organization for its entire lifecycle with affordable, customizable service packages from your preferred vendor to support any future needs and manage the integration of the open source philosophy.
Unlike dealing with ‘legacy’ technologies, open source solutions are ‘heritage solutions’, provided a foundation that will scale and mold to your business requirements for the long term.
The option to adopt Open Source places the Municipality in a position to increase the capability of portal features and impact, more efficiently manage costs for implementation and maintenance, and control the sustainability, growth and transformation of service development and provision.