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Business  Technology  Consulting

We have done it all ! In all of our combined years of experience the BMAK Team has engaged in all types of Technology, Business transformation and consulting for some of the biggest corporations around today.



BMAK helps organizations develop their corporate culture.

Business Transformation is critical for any organization who have found themselves stagnated and staff moral and performance are below acceptable standards.

We have been successful in taking companies from near disaster to a totally transformed organization using our team of Business Transformation Analysts.

BMAK will help you identify those problem areas that are holding you  back. Identify financial leakages and what steps to take to solve those problems.

Our motto:

Change for survival 

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Software Development is one of our strongest areas of service delivery.

From Analysis to Roll out we follow successful development and project management principles that ensures success every time we undertake software development projects.

Besides development, we undertake to implement and train companies on other vendor applications such as Health and Human Resources. We currently support our own HR system.

Our Human Resource Management System(HRMS) is quite comprehensive and provides a host of functionality to make life easy for any HR department.

Talent Management and Acquisition is driven using Harrison Assessments, a Powerful HR tool. Read more on Team Development and Recruitment

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Hire BMAK to conduct your Gap Analysis and Requirements Gathering.

We will document our finding in an easy to read and understand document that makes next steps decision making child's play, 

BMAK will evaluate and assess various solutions on the market and assist you in making the right choice for your technology needs.

Project Management is another of our strong points. In all our years in business we have never "lost" a project to under spending, resourcing and failure.

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